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The CREATION STORY w/a NEW TWIST! oldie/goodie

---The Creation Story - seen in a different way...I'm sure. Sent by a friend. A MUST SEE!

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---Here is the movie that I can't believe was actually made.The year that the Film was shot was in 1902. Maybe that explains much of it. They seem to have wanted to make a seious movie...but, didn't. Don't miss the opportunity to see it. This will answer all questions that one may have about the space race...I doubt seriously. The whole movie lasts a little over 11 mins. Enjoy!
---My experience of it was that it was a joke of some sort. I'm assured by my friend that the film is a true classic. It is just that the general knowledge of fundamental facts were not known. From the space capsule shot from a gun to moonmen turning to dust. From the moon being hit in the eye to the capsule falling off the moon as its departure. All I can really say is that it was an experience that I won't have...too often.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd-Call Me The Breeze-1976

---The best rock-blues song we currently play on ''YouTube Night'' at the hospital.